TeamFloral Custom Development Proposal

Prepared By

Abe Kashiwagi

November 13, 2020

Executive Summary

TeamFloral was brought in because the current services being rendered to them were inadequate for their future needs.  The issues laid out are the following:

  1. Response Time
  2. Infrastructure’s Inability to Scale

Crimson Select LLC has come up with a solution to both:

Response Time is something we pride ourselves in. Our boutique consulting team makes us nimble with the ability to be more responsive to issues and work. Most regular times our clients can expect a response to emails and phone calls within 24hrs. However, work getting done will determine upon the size of it. This particular Account Manager is Nate Tucker who has over +6 years of experience with Infusionsoft and managing custom development projects.

Scaling Infrastructure is always an issue for growing businesses. Our team has laid out a plan for more backend API and database work in order to grow the company from 20 clients to 200 clients. This will include buying an “email sender” for each client of Team Floral. This will cost Team Floral around $65/mo per email sender via a service called “Send in Blue”. (It would be +$200/mo. for each client if we went with an Infusionsoft app for each) The infrastructure in the backend is a proprietary build out we have constructed, but makes way for managing the extra companies.

About Us

Abraham Kashiwagi is the founder of Crimson Select. He left Infusionsoft (Now known as Keap) at the end of 2016 with his goal of helping small businesses grow and succeed.  He founded Crimson Select LLC not long after as a marketing and development solution for companies looking for the feel of a boutique consulting group, but the experience of an institutional firm. Since then his team has worked with over 1,100 companies. Crimson Select’s clients are small to medium size businesses with the emphasis on Infusionsoft development and full stack marketing services.

Scope Of Work

  • API Development & Security – Sender Systems, Database and POS shops
    This work custom development that is performed in order to build the backend infrastructure needed to scale Team Floral. 
  • Database Development – Interface Building For Reporting For Each Client
    This work allows Team Floral to pull reporting information for clients regarding email open rates and click through rates for each company in a separate portal.
  • Email Sender Development
    This work will be needed in order to start make client acquisition scalable and reporting for clients possible.  This also helps manage the deliverability separate for every shop.
  • Infusionsoft Campaign Development
    Infusionsoft is the headquarters for all contact data.  This will still be needed to create campaigns.
  • Infusionsoft & Database Maintenance For Internal Clients
    This includes keeping clean lists and manageable data for internal users.  This side of the development is a must for other database and API developers to connect everything together.






Monthly Infusionsoft / Development Work Plan



Monthly Infusionsoft / Development Work Plan




Nate Tucker

Account Manager

Nate has over +6 years of experience managing and developing custom Infusionsoft projects.  He acts as an experienced account manager for the Crimson Select team.  He will be the lead and account manager for TeamFloral.

Abe Kashiwagi

Co-Founder / Tech Marketing Expert

Abe is a Co-Founder and acting Marketing Expert for Crimson Select.  He is a previous Senior Consultant and Presenter for Infusionsoft / Keap.  He has personally managed over 1,200 custom Infusionsoft and marketing projects.

Spencer Frame

Co-Founder / Custom API Development Expert

Spencer is a Co-Founder and acting Custom Development Expert for Crimson Select. He has been working with custom API and database development teams for the last +10 years.  He specializes in creating unique solutions for custom projects.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment
    The amounts for services rendered is $8,500.00 per month. Regardless of the time spent by the consultants. Upon signing of service agreement the client has 2 options. 1. Pay the full amount of services at the beginning of the contract date.  2. Pay half at the beginning of the contract date and the rest of the monthly contract amount in the middle of the month.
  2. Start Date
    The start date can be anywhere from 11/15/2020 to 12/30/2020 if the contract agreement is signed. 
  3. Term & Termination
    This proposal is valid one (1) month from the date of issuance and renews every month following it. Team Floral and Crimson Select LLC have the right to terminate the contract at the end of any renewed month.
  4. Cancellation
    At the end of any renewed month Team Floral or Crimson Select reserve the rights to NOT renew the contract or adjust the contract with the approval of both parties.
  5. Confidentiality
    This proposal contains confidential information about the company and the client. Upon receiving this proposal, both parties understand that all information herein must not be disclosed to any other party or unauthorized person.