Total Patient Services Custom Project Proposal

Prepared By

Abe Kashiwagi

November 13, 2020

Executive Summary

Total Patient Services was brought in because of the following issues:

  1. Deliverability Issues
  2. Tagging Infrastructure Confusion
  3. Trouble Integrating Softwares
  4. Continuing: Campaign Creation Support (After upfront project)

Crimson Select LLC will work on the following issues in this proposal:

Deliverability Issues 
This will be fixed through proper practices, split testing and domain credibility.  Education will be given to the group in order to make sure proactive measures are being taken to start creating a healthy domain and email deliverability for sending to ISPs.

Tagging Infrastructure Confusion 
This a problem that is fixed with company alignment on how tags will be used and categorical naming alignment. We will sort through tags in your system with your team and create a structure that your team can begin using right away.  This needs to be done carefully by transitioning out certain tags and separating them with newly created tags.

Trouble Integrating Softwares 
Integrating softwares is the best way to automate and seamlessly utilize Infusionsoft
. We will do our best through uses of softwares like Parsey, Zapier, and API development if necessary to integrate softwares together. Often times this requires companies to purchase some connecting softwares or added fees to develop the API connections.

  • (Not Included In Current Proposal)
    Continuing: Ongoing Campaign Creation 
    and Deliverability Support
    This something that Pamela identified should be done after the first proposal. It is rare that we do one-off projects, because we typically only accept clients who keep us on a monthly retainer. Our clients find so much value, and can grow much faster, when we are able to dedicate a certain amount of time towards their marketing success on a monthly basis. Let’s talk after our project to see how we can help you succeed in the long-term.

About Us

Abraham Kashiwagi is the founder of Crimson Select. He left Infusionsoft (now known as Keap) at the end of 2016 with his goal of helping small businesses grow and succeed.  He founded Crimson Select, LLC not long after as a marketing and development solution for companies looking for the feel of a boutique consulting group, but the experience of an institutional firm. Since then his team has worked with over 1,100 companies. These companies are small to medium size businesses with the emphasis on Infusionsoft campaign/development, API Services and full stack marketing services.

Scope Of Work

  • Email Deliverability & List Hygiene
    This will entail 2 education calls and 1 campaign for list engagement, with check ups in between to make sure that all tasks have been checked and done for increasing domain reputation. Education will be given regarding practices on pulling contacts and omitting certain marketable emails based on engagement levels for safe hygiene and setting limits for not sending emails to people over the agreed upon limits.   
  • Infusionsoft Integrations & Testing
    This includes software connections and testing with Total Patient Services Team to ensure plugins or API developments are porting over correctly. This can take multiple calls for testing and confirmation of contacts being pulled correctly.
  • Education Tag Infrastructure & Campaign Fixes
    This is heavy on education and relies on the client having team members applicable for fixing campaigns that are already present. Tagging education should only be for those creating campaigns. These fixes can vary depending on campaign sizes, but we dedicate 2 education calls and check ups regarding campaign fixes and clarifications.






Total Patient Services Infusionsoft: Education Integration & Campaign Fixes



Monthly Infusionsoft / Development Work Plan



Management Team

Abe Kashiwagi

Co-Founder / Infusionsoft & Tech Marketing Expert (480)-695-3080

Abe is a Co-Founder and acting Marketing Expert for Crimson Select.  He is a previous Senior Consultant and Presenter for Infusionsoft / Keap.  He has personally managed over 1,200 custom Infusionsoft and marketing projects.

Spencer Frame

Co-Founder / Custom API Development Expert

Spencer is a Co-Founder and acting Custom Development Expert for Crimson Select. He has been working with custom API and database development teams for the last +10 years.  He specializes in creating unique solutions for custom projects.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment
    The amounts for services to be rendered is $1,100.00 for the project. Regardless of the time spent by the consultants. Upon signing of service agreement the client is expected to pay the full amount until services start for work.
  2. Term & Termination
    Total Patient Services and Crimson Select LLC have the right to terminate if both parties agree for any reasons.
  3. Confidentiality
    This proposal contains confidential information about the company and the client. Upon receiving this proposal, both parties understand that all information herein must not be disclosed to any other party or unauthorized person.