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Infusionsoft / Active Campaign Transition

TeamFloral has lots of moving parts, and luckily, we understand what it takes to transition to a large project like the one you have. You can rest assured that we understand how each part of your business operates and are prepared to troubleshoot issues and be proactive about maintaining and eventually improving upon what is already in place. Since a transition of already operating campaigns is essentially instantaneous, we took the liberty of documenting every process, so you know that we are fully aware of each of your currently running projects.

Christmas Campaign

  • Email Campaign
    • Original mock emails that were sent to GUW – Completed Transition
    • Current timeline for the email campaign – Completed Transition
    • 18.9% of Database Marketable – Still proceeding with Christmas Campaign – Completed Transition


Team Floral Active Campaign

  • Webinar Campaign
    • Integrated with GoToWebinar via Zapier  Completed Transition
  • Calendly Automated Setups – Completed Transition

Google Review Campaign

  • Transition/Maintenance Completed Transition
  • *Note: Future Potential Improvement- Possibly use the history process to keep the system from sending reviews to people who have gone through it in the past.


Transition of Contacts into Infusionsoft from Floral Shops

  • Dove Systems API automated Maintenance Completed Transition
    • *Note: Future Potential Improvement- Create more APIs to other systems for contacts.
  • Q/A – Thorough double checking of contact movements Completed Transition
  • Manual Upload of contacts weekly – Confirm how we are getting CSV files into Nates hands (Emailed, FTP Upload, etc.)? – Completed Transition

Anniversary Campaign

  • Transition/Maintenance – Completed Transition

Email Engagement Campaign

  • Continue maintaining with Evan Samurin to ensure maximum deliverability Completed Transition

Broadcasting Reporting, Sending out Emails

  • Create functional reports to track engagement and deliverability of emails Completed Transition

New Year and Valentines Campaign

  • Email Campaign – Need to design emails and approval for New Year and Valentines Completed Transition
  • Timeline – Need to build timeline for the email campaign Completed Transition

As we take over every part of what is currently being maintained to run TeamFloral, we will also be building an API that enables you to scale.

Development Of New API System

Creating a new API that will dynamically change the custom HTML of a contacts email will be a powerful new addition, and will take a bit of time to create, but the implications of a full reporting dashboard, sending API, separate SendInBlue accounts, are far reaching and will ultimately help you grow to your 400 shops very quickly. Here is what that timeline looks like:

Here is a highlight of the key milestones from the below timeline:




Dec 7
Old System Overview, Takeover, and Analytics Preparation
Making sure all of the GUW code is running smoothly and that there is thorough testing to make sure nothing falls through the cracks when transferring ownership. Thorough testing of manual upload to make sure no errors occur when tagging and updating contacts.

Try to find a good way to track analytics to prove the worth of the email system to current shops.
Dec 11
SMTP Linking
Building a new API system with an Endpoint to receive JSON from Infusionsoft campaigns. Purchasing multiple SMTP accounts and connecting to each account. (Need Approval from Dan to start the 1st one, then proceed to other current clients once 1st company is successful)
Dec 18
SMTP Testing
Testing JSON sending from Infusionsoft to send test HTML emails through each system appropriately. Setting up a dashboard for individual and full analytics.
Dec 25
Valentines Day Template Prep
Finalize Analytics and prepare monthly reporting to be sent to each shop at a certain time of each month. Preparing the design of HTML emails to be sent, as well as dynamic images and html contact based on shop.
Jan 1
Valentines Approvals And Tests
Get design of each HTML email for Valentines campaign completely prepared and approved. Test the system fully and make sure there are no bugs or issues. Enable logging to capture any issues for full accountability.
Jan 8
Create Processes
Create a process for new shops to have turnkey success through our email program, and create a process around email design, uploading, colors, and other customizations, etc.

Run through processes with a single new client to time how long it takes to get them up and running.
Jan 15
Implement Processes
Fix bugs and open the gates to new customers. Begin to fine-tune monthly reporting to shops as well as reporting for TeamFloral.
Jan 22
Split-Testing and Split Test Reports
Create a simple way to split test email content for holiday campaigns and implement.
Jan 29
Split-Testing and Split Test Reports
Create a simple way to split test email content for yearly reminder email campaigns and implement.
Feb 5
Solidify and Improve
By this point, we are fully up and running with a system that has divided each shop with their own unique SMTP account, split testing for holiday and yearly recurring campaigns, and monthly reporting for each shop individually broken down by individual emails and even split tests, as well as daily reporting for TeamFloral as a whole.

Terms and Conditions

Please keep in mind that sometimes projects take less or more time, depending on what complexities do or don't arise during the project. With our current experience, a project of this size could have the possibility of taking one month longer than projected.


The amount for services rendered is $8,373.00 per month. This payment for services is fixed, regardless of the time spent by the developers and consultants. This payment must be through ACH Transfer to Crimson Select LLC’s account below. Upon signing the service agreement the services will not be carried out until the client has proceeded with payment.  The client has 2 options for payment: 
1. Pay the full amount ($8,37300) for the monthly services upfront.  
2. Pay half of the amount ($4,178) at the beginning of the contract start date and the rest ($4,187) of the payment 15 days into the month of the contract start date.

Start Date For Services

The start date for services can be from 12/07/2020 to 12/30/2020. If this proposal is not accepted in payment to Crimson Select LLC by that time this agreement will be void.

Terms For Approval & Termination

This contract does not become valid until the first payment for services is rendered to Crimson Select LLC. This contract renews every month between Team Floral and Crimson Select LLC until one or both parties decide they no longer want to renew. Each party has the right to terminate the contract at the end of any renewed month as long as Crimson Select LLC and Team Floral are given 15 days notice before the cancellation of services.


This proposal contains confidential information about the company and the client. Upon receiving this proposal, both parties understand that all information herein must not be disclosed to any other party or unauthorized person.

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