Generating traffic, qualifying and capturing leads, and closing sales isn't rocket science, but it does take a lot of time and a significant understanding of the whole digital marketing picture. Here are some clients we've helped in all of these aspects.

We have worked with hundreds of businesses, but since we can't fit every business snapshot on one page, here are just a few:


Happy client for two and a half years and still building their brand influence and sales.

  • Website strategy, design, security and maintenance.
  • On-page SEO creation and upkeep.
    • Monthly keyword research and blog creation.
  • Off-page backlinking maintenance.
  • Social media account creation, strategy, organic posting.
  • Marketing video story-boarding and creation.
  • Mobile app and web app mockup design and wireframing.
  • Search engine audience and keyword  research, ad creation and management.
  • Social media audience research, ad creation and management.
  •  GTM and GA analytics setup and management for marketing insights.
  • Complex email campaign creation and automation for cold leads, nurture campaigns, and retargeting.

Mobile And Web App Mockup and Wireframe Design

With years of experience in the technology space and app development process, we are ready to produce mockups that wow investors, and wireframes that your developers will rejoice over.

Website Strategy and Design

When it comes to a website, it isn’t all about what you like, but rather what the visitor likes. With ultra-insightful heatmaps and recordings, we are able to fine-tune each page to generate the most leads. 

We make use of optimization tools that allow us to split test multiple versions of each page to ensure the most valuable pages are being shown.

Full Analytics Dashboard

Your biggest concern is knowing that your marketing dollars are paying off and resulting in actual sales. 

We provide our clients with a reporting dashboard that let’s them see the most pertinent information about their business and have peace of mind as they grow.

Digital Advertising

Creative advertising videos that show off your product and capture people’s attention. Knowing your target audience and using words and phrases that peak their interest is key to generating high-volume traffic.

Office Hours App

Needed to redesign their website and make it look more modern and sleek.

Full Website Redesign

Animations The Increase Customer Retention

The longer a visitor remains on a page when visiting it, the more likely they are to remember and trust your brand if the website is designed well. In order to maximize the time they spend on the page, it is important to include elements that are interactive and engaging.

Next Level Practice

Complex Multi-Business Marketing Automation Solutions

Email Campaign Magic

When you have so many moving parts, it is often difficult to keep track of who is getting what emails and when. 

Our team of experts can build and manage your campaigns to be delivered at crucial moments in a prospects discovery path.

Even The Most Complex

Sometimes, it’s as simple as connecting a form to a series of nurture emails, but other times there are so many variables involved and conditional logic, it takes Crimson Select experts to get the job done.

In the example on the left, there are 50 varialbles all with different tagging that need to trigger and pull contacts out of email campaigns based on times set by the client.

Eager To Organize

Although things can get complex, our ability to organize systems and processes is beyond any of our competition.

No matter the system, we are able to help you clean up the clutter of your CRM and email campaigns through tagging, segmentation, list hygiene, and a lot of other techniques.